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What is the mission of Miami Shores United?

The mission of Miami Shores United Inc. is to protect the mutual community interests of Miami Shores residents and preserve the strength and character of our primarily single-family residential community with its hallmark small-town feel. 

Why was Miami Shores United, Inc. formed?


In late 2021, errors were discovered in the Miami Shores Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and Future Land Use Element (FLUE) which led the Village Council to pursue amendments. The result of that amendment process has been a wholesale re-write of the FLUE and FLUM, which will irreversibly alter the single-family residential character and hallmark small-town feel of Miami Shores. MSU believes this process has prioritized economic benefits to a small handful of landowners at the expense of the community. The process has been devoid of analysis on impacts of the amendments on the residents of Miami Shores, their property values, safety and quality of life, which has triggered immense community opposition. Over the course of the past year, over 1700 residents have signed a petition to oppose the amendments, yet Council adamantly dismisses the community will as “unreasonable” and “anti-growth.” The team of volunteers who helped lead the petition campaign recognized that the community was galvanized by this issue and needed a platform to exercise its voice on this issue going forward, hence the birth of Miami Shores United, Inc.


I keep seeing “Our Village, Our Voice” signs around town. Is Miami Shores United, Inc. related to Our Village, Our Voice?


In October 2022, a group of concerned MSV residents initiated an outreach and petition campaign to educate the community about the comprehensive plan issue and express opposition to the comprehensive plan, in hope that it would influence the Council’s decision-making process. That group of residents created the slogan “Our Village, Our Voice” and used this branding to raise awareness of the issues and the informational MSVPlan website. When it became clear that the Council refused to adequately respond to the concerns of the residents, three of the concerned residents formed the entity known as Miami Shores United, Inc. in order to have a structure in place for advocacy and fundraising.


How can I learn more about the comprehensive plan issue?


To learn more about the Comprehensive Plan issue, please head over to our neighbor’s website MSVplan is dedicated to keeping the community informed on the comprehensive plan process and sends periodic updates so be sure to subscribe to the email list. 


What was the process and criteria for determining the MSU endorsements? 


MSU established an Endorsement Committee which consisted of 5 volunteer resident-members. Each candidate was asked to complete a written questionnaire and participate in a face-to-face interview with the Committee. Eight candidates participated in the process. The Committee evaluated each candidate on the strength of their candidacy and its alignment with the mission of Miami Shores United, Inc. Following the interview sessions, the Committee deliberated and made a unanimous selection of the top three candidates which they deemed the best to further MSU’s mission. The Committee then submitted the recommendation to the MSU Board of Directors, which voted unanimously to approve the recommendation. Each candidate that participated in the process was notified of the endorsement decision. 


What are the benefits of receiving the MSU endorsement?


MSU will make a $1,000 contribution to each endorsed candidate campaign. MSU also has a team of volunteers who will be educating the community about the election and endorsements. MSU has also allocated resources to independently promote the endorsed candidates. 


How many candidates should I vote for?


Please vote for THREE candidates. Our council consists of five members, two of which are not up for re-election, and which have consistently supported this Comprehensive Plan amendment to date (Mayor Harris and Vicemayor Marinberg). While we, the voters, cannot vote on the Comprehensive Plan (due to state law restrictions), we can VOTE on the Council. Thus, this election is a de-facto referendum on the Comprehensive Plan process that has taken place thus far. By electing the three best candidates positioned to further the mission of MSU, we can exercise our power in determining the fate of our beloved oasis! 

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